YES 2021

11-13 June 2021

Online Event

What is the YES?

The YES is a yearly event hosted by Youth For Understanding.
Usually taking place in Werbellinsee, Germany, the YES has been happening online since 2020 due to the pandemic situation. This new reality allowed the event to become global and therefore, truly empower students from all over the world. Every year this unique event gathers more than 100 volunteers and 500 students who get the chance to learn about international topics of interest, but also to talk about their exchange experience with the volunteers and the other students.

Tracks for the YES 2021

Leadership & Activism

What is it that makes someone a leader? 🤔 Is it the title of a boss, the salary, or the number of people they supervise? It’s none of these because there’s a big difference between being a manager and being a leader. Even as a young person, you can lead for change by embracing activism. So what is activism, and what is it that makes someone an activist? 🧐

Do you need to march with a banner on the streets? 📣 Not necessarily, there are many ways to support causes that YOU care about. It could be posts on social media, signing a petition ✍️, donating money 💸, volunteering your time, or something completely different!  If you want to start or join a movement and get involved in your community, these workshops will help you find out where to begin. It’s never too early or too late to start focusing your effort, acquiring the skills you need, and creating a positive impact wherever you go. 🦸

Coloured Glasses

“Coloured Glasses” refers to the well-known analogy of the sunglasses 🕶️ representing the cultural filters through which we observe and interpret reality ✨. Everyone is born with sunglasses of a specific color, depending on the environment they are born in.

The coloured lenses 🌈 represent our attitudes, beliefs, and values. They represent our cultural identity, which we are socialized with. All information we perceive go through this cultural filter – the Coloured Glasses.

In this track, you will get to examine your own attitudes towards other cultures, and gain an understanding of issues such as discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping, in order to develop your intercultural competence. 🌐

Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

“That is impossible!” Have you ever heard this sentence? You probably have done some “impossible” things in your life already. Congratulations 🎉, you have taken your first step towards entrepreneurial thinking 🧠.

This track will challenge you to think differently. After all, the world 🌎 will not become more sustainable if we stick with what we know. As sustainable-thinking Entrepreneurs are changing and shaping our world, (green 🌱) solutions pop up everywhere they go.

Whether it means that you start growing your own vegetables or invent the next hyperloop – that is up to you! Join us in our plastic-free spaceship and let’s fly along the track 🚀

Music & Protest

What do Beyoncé, Macklemore, and Childish Gambino have in common with punk rock? 🤘 And what connects the bands Calle 13 and BTS with the rapper Kendrick Lamar? All of them create songs with powerful social messages! They provide us with new perspectives and generate emotions, which makes them an important tool for raising awareness about social problems and possible solutions. 📣 So how can we use music and lyrics to speak up about the issues that are most important to us? For this track, your love for music 🎵 is enough — no musical skills necessary.

YES 2021 Core Team

Photo of Kevin

Kevin Kattrup

Content Team Leader

Photo of Jutta

Jutta Nagel

YES Host

Photo of Santiago

Santiago Salcedo

YES Host

Photo of Marta

Marta Bednarczyk

Education Team Leader

Photo of Susan

Susan Nowak

Education Team Leader

Photo of Ieva

Ieva Dirvonskaite

Logistics Team Leader

Photo of Clara

Clara Theys

IGL Coordinator

Photo of Camille

Camille Le Roy

IGL Coordinator

Photo of Andreea

Andreea Madar

Project Coordinator

Photo of Inese

Inese Boša

Project Assistant

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