YES 2020

22-26 June 2020

What is the YES?

The YES is a unique yearly event hosted by YFU in Werbellinsee, Germany. It gathers more than 100 volunteers and 500 students who get the chance to learn about topics of interest in Europe and beyond, but also to talk about their exchange experience with the volunteers and the other students.

YES 2020 Theme - Interconnected

My actions affect your life. Your actions affect mine. In the modern world, these words ring more true than ever. Technology keeps us connected, even when miles or continents apart. What gains popularity in one part of the world, the next day becomes trendy everywhere else. Most importantly perhaps, if one region of the world suffers, we’re all affected. The climate crisis is taking its toll across the globe. For many, migration becomes not a choice, but a necessity – whether it’s because of conflicts, natural disasters, or poverty. Inequality of different shapes and sizes reigns in every corner of the world.

This is why, during the YES 2020, we will focus on a few key questions surrounding our increasing global interdependency: what can we do to address global challenges on a daily basis? How can empowered youth drive the action towards fighting our climate crisis? In what ways is migration changing, and staying the same, as a result of a more connected world? How can we ensure that equality is a reality for all in our global community?

All these questions, and more, we will tackle in a variety of interactive ways at the YES! Together, by taking collective responsibility for shaping the world around us. Because in the end it’s not about “you”. It’s not about “them”. It’s about all of us – interconnected.

Photo of students at the YES

What are the 2020 Tracks?

In order to enjoy our educational content to the fullest, participants will be split into 4 groups, which will allow us to look at the interconnectedness of today’s world from a variety of different perspectives. They serve as a method to explore our main theme in an interactive and innovative way. The 4 groups will represent the Educational Tracks at the YES.

Before the YES, you will be able to select one Track, which interests you the most. But remember – the number of slots available for different Tracks is limited, so make sure to sign up fast!

During the YES, you will participate in one Track session a day. Together with other participants, you will dive into the many layers of our main theme and its sub-topics. You will create and observe, perform and investigate, learn and have fun!

On the last day, the educational activities will finish with a Common Activity for all the students. This way, you will be able to share what you learnt and discover what happened during the other three Tracks.

Soon you’ll be able to choose your Track for the YES. We will announce that on social media, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Entrepreneurship and Activism

Do you have strong opinions about Elon Musk, Greenpeace, or the UN? Do you have your own ideas on how to be active or make a difference? In this track we will take a closer look at some of the biggest and most successful organisations of our time. You will learn how to create your own project or movement that addresses the big issues of today. Through teamwork, games, and other fun activities, you will be able to come up with exciting ideas and explore the world of social entrepreneurship.

Woman wearing an Equality cap at a protest
Woman writing
Message displayed at protest
DJ mixing

Music and Protest

What do Beyoncé, Macklemore, and Childish Gambino have in common with punk rock? And what connects the bands Calle 13 and BTS with the rapper Kendrick Lamar? All of them create songs with powerful social messages! They provide us with new perspectives and generate emotions, which makes them an important tool for raising awareness about social problems and possible solutions. So how can we use music and lyrics to speak up about the issues that are most important to us? For this track, your love for music is enough – no musical skills necessary.

Games and Transformation

Gameplay can be so much more than just a fun way to pass the time. Playing is an essential form of human interaction, communication, and learning about the world. It holds great potential in getting people to connect and work together on important social issues. In this track you will explore how games can be used to build stronger communities and provoke critical thinking. Through games you will be able to share what you think is important and motivate others to take action with you.

Banner at a protest
Painting graffiti
Wall full of stickers

Arts and Society

In its many diverse forms, arts are a unique tool for expression. Experiencing arts offers us an insight into the feelings, emotions, and beliefs of those behind it. Graffiti takes painted images to the streets, theater brings an entire world onto a stage, and poetry captivates its readers, shaping meaningful images out of thin air. Arts help to spread new attitudes, inspire change, and encourage progress. Join this track to explore how different forms of art can bring people together, and practice your own unique way of artistic expression.

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