Photo at the YES 2019

Join the Volunteer Path at the YES 2022!

Do you want to learn more about volunteering for YFU and experience the magic of the biggest international event in our network? Would you like to develop skills such as managing group dynamics, workshop facilitation, and maintaining work-life balance,  all while learning about the international structures of YFU and the opportunities within our network?

After a two-year break, we invite you – young YFU volunteers (21 years old and younger) – to  take part in the Youth Empowerment Seminar 2022 Volunteer Path! We are excited about returning to beautiful Werbellinsee and even more about you getting a chance to experience the YES spirit in real life! Come and join us on this adventure!

Please note that participating in the Volunteer Path does not mean you will be volunteering at the YES 2022. Instead, you will be considered a participant!

So… what is the Volunteer Path?

It is a unique opportunity for 30 young volunteers from all over the world to participate at the YES together with current exchange students who are returning home. Participants on the Volunteer Path will – for the most part – participate in the same activities as the students.

You will choose one of the four tracks offered at the YES – Social Media: Online vs. Offline, Media & News Literacy, Future of Work & Education, or Digital Arts & Creativity.

In addition, you will participate in sessions specifically tailored for the Volunteer Path. During these workshops you will get to know more about volunteering at YFU and the YES while with developing your skills as a volunteer in three main areas:

  • Group Dynamics & Conflict Resolution – understand team dynamics, share best practices for successful teamwork, and explore techniques for preventing and managing conflicts;
  • Workshop Facilitation – learn how to professionally manage groups of students during orientation seminars, find out ways of asking the right questions, and perfect your skills in debriefing non-formal learning activities;
  • Project Management & Organization – identify the key stages of any project, become familiar with useful tools for time and task management, and discuss the importance of work-life balance with other engaged volunteers.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the international volunteers’ world within YFU. After the YES, you will hopefully be inspired to continue your YFU volunteer path on a national or international level, for example, by taking part in the organization of the future YES events!

Photo at the YES 2019

How to sign up

If you want to join the Volunteer Path, you should be aware that:

  • You need to be 21 years old or younger
  • You will need to cover the participation fee of 300 EUR and your travel to the event. This can be covered by you, or you can try to obtain financial aid from your Member Organisation. Here are some things you can try to gather the funds:
    • explain to your MO the added value of your participation in this event, e.g. increased volunteer skills and broadened YFU network;
    • ask other volunteers, staff, or board members to support you with small contributions of e.g. 10 EUR to help you cover a part of the cost,
    • ask your friends and family to support you in crowdfunding either by direct contributions or by sharing your fundraising campaign with their networks. Explain to them why it’s important for you to participate in the YES 2022, and they will surely be keen to help you out!
  • The YES 2022 will take place from 27th of June (arrival day) to 1st of July (departure day)
  • You need to follow the YES 2022 COVID-19 Policy

Please apply through the application form below  – the deadline has been extended to before the 22nd of May!

After the application deadline, we will confirm your spot, and you will have one week to make the payment for the event. If your organisation decides to cover part of your cost, they will have to send us a confirmation of that.

We will inform your YFU organisation that you wish to attend the event, so they have it on record.

For questions please email us at For the latest info, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

When you sign up for the YES 2022, you commit to the following:

Cancellation Policy: the participation fee is not refundable.

COVID-19 Policy

Sign up here