This YES 2021 theme is: Raise Your Reasons

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A unique yearly event hosted by Youth For Understanding and dear to our volunteer community, the YES 2021 will take place from the 11st to the 13th of June. Due to the pandemic situation the YES will happen on a virtual platform this year, which will make it accessible from all over the world. The YES 2021 Core Team is eager to tackle polarisation in an inspiring and engaging way.  Without further notice, we are glad to announce that the YES 2021 theme is out: Raise Your Reasons.

While modern technologies make our world appear smaller, it also seems that in the last couple of years, the distance between people from different walks of life, cultural backgrounds, world views, and opinions has become bigger than ever. The seemingly irreconcilable divides between them leave the world in an exhausting gridlock and chaos.

At the YES 2021, we want to rediscover how we can lead a considerate and productive discussion on even the hottest topics, inspire action, and encourage community-building beyond our differences. All, so that we could bridge our divides and collectively work towards a better future.

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For years, we have been told that the world has become a ‘global village’. But has it, really? A village is a tight-knit community where people cooperate to secure mutual wellbeing. They look out for each other’s needs and safety, celebrate one another’s achievements, and care for their shared resources. In this sense, today’s world is anything but a village, global as it may be.

Our informational and political landscapes are polarized, confusing, and often biased, deepening the social discord and inequity. Every day, facts and reality are forced to compete with falsehoods on equal grounds. The rhetoric of ‘us vs. them’ dominates our newsfeeds the second we get out of bed.

From all of this, a question emerges: what is our path forward? Amidst such supercharged issues, how do we develop the skills, attitudes, and tools necessary to foster productive dialogue, in a way that doesn’t feel like a betrayal of our values and identities?  How do you raise your reasons without raising your voice?

These are the questions we will tackle during the YES 2021, through a variety of interactive and engaging activities. Together, we will learn how to be the most open-minded and solution-oriented versions of ourselves — as citizens of the world we share.

If you would like to volunteer to this event, check out the open calls for volunteers on this website!

If you are a YFU student currently in exchange and eager to attend this event, stay tunned! We will be opening the registrations mid-March! See you there!