The Theme of the YES 2020: Global Edition

By August 25, 2020 No Comments

Our lives have never in history been as interconnected as they are now. My actions affect your life. Your actions affect mine. In the modern world, these words ring more true than ever. 

While sometimes the connections between us are clear and simple, sometimes they become so blurred and distant we don’t even realise they exist. No person is an island.  We are all interdependent. Whether we realise it or not, our actions and decisions have a real impact on the realities of people both in our own communities as well as on the other side of the globe. 

One example is how the borders between nations and cultures are becoming more and more obscure. In some regard, it is nearly impossible to say where one community ends and another begins – something the events of this year have been a stark reminder of. In a globalized world, viruses don’t need passports.  

In the same vein, we can notice how technology has kept us connected through all this time, even miles or continents apart. What gains popularity in one part of the world becomes trendy everywhere else virtually the next day. 

Interconnected like fabric

Unfortunately, oftentimes the same goes for a variety of developmental challenges. Ever-increasing gas emissions, excessive waste production, mass migration, deforestation,  inequality – they travel just as fast and vast as TikTok videos,  making their way to every corner of the world on a daily basis. All of them require a global response. 

What we now choose to do about all this will determine our interconnected future.

Therefore, during the YES 2020, we will focus on our increasing global interdependence. We will approach some of the key questions surrounding this topic in a variety of interactive ways. Together, by taking collective responsibility for shaping the world around us. Because in the end it’s not about “you”. It’s not about “them”. It’s about all of us – interconnected.