The YES 2016 Patron

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The YES Team is glad and honored to announce that Victor Ochen is the Patron of the YES 2016! Victor was born in 1981 in Uganda and, like most of the children there, Victor Ochen’s childhood took place at the time of the bloody conflict between the Lord’s Resistance Army, cattle rustling and the Government of Uganda.
He is both a victim of war crimes and an inspiring visionary young leader who embodies the hope for a more peaceful and vibrant Africa. A victor against all odds, Victor overcame many painful childhood challenges to become one of Africa’s foremost dynamic youth leaders.

In 2005, Victor founded the NGO African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), with the aim of creating a functioning, mutually trusting and inclusive society. Since its establishment, AYINET identified itself as a victim-centered organization, choosing programs that will benefit the post-conflict population, by engaging and empowering youth at risk as leader sand as game changers.

In 2015, Victor Ochen and AYINET were jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. At 33 years, Victor Ochen, becomes the first ever Ugandan and the youngest African to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the same year, Victor Ochen was appointed the United Nations Global Goals Ambassador, representing Goal 16 – Peace and Justice, and was named by the Forbes Magazines as one of the 10 Most Powerful men in Africa.

You can find the full biography here.