Role openings

There will be more than 100 volunteers at the YES, and we’re currently looking to fill the key organising roles. If any of these roles sounds like a good fit, make sure you apply today!

What is the YES?

The Young Europeans’ Seminar (YES) aims to contribute to the development of young global citizens through learning and volunteering together in a spirit of international friendship.

The YES is a unique opportunity to reunite with old friends from all over Europe and make new ones, creating a bridge between the exchange year and the return home. It’s a fun learning experience where students explore what it means to be a citizen of the world through interactive learning activities. The international team of volunteers creates a unique spirit and an unforgettable experience for everyone at the YES.

YES 2020 Theme - Interconnected

My actions affect your life. Your actions affect mine. In the modern world, these words ring more true than ever. Technology keeps us connected, even when miles or continents apart. What gains popularity in one part of the world, the next day becomes trendy everywhere else. Most importantly perhaps, if one region of the world suffers, we’re all affected. The climate crisis is taking its toll across the globe. For many, migration becomes not a choice, but a necessity – whether it’s because of conflicts, natural disasters, or poverty. Inequality of different shapes and sizes reigns in every corner of the world.

This is why, during the YES 2020, we will focus on a few key questions surrounding our increasing global interdependency: what can we do to address global challenges on a daily basis? How can empowered youth drive the action towards fighting our climate crisis? In what ways is migration changing, and staying the same, as a result of a more connected world? How can we ensure that equality is a reality for all in our global community?

All these questions, and more, we will tackle in a variety of interactive ways at the YES! Together, by taking collective responsibility for shaping the world around us. Because in the end it’s not about “you”. It’s not about “them”. It’s about all of us – interconnected.

Photo of students at the YES

Current openings

To increase efficiency, we release the calls in two waves:

  • August: Content Team Leader, Media Team, Education Team, YES Hosts, Freestyler Coordinators, IGL Coordinators
  • December: HOTs, Track Leaders, IGLs, Freestylers, Travel Team, FTA Coordinators, Lounge Coordinators, Event Technicians

Below you can see the roles that are currently opened for applicants.

Track Leader (TL)



Track Leaders design and deliver the educational content at the YES. They are in direct contact with a group of 20-25 students and take them on a journey throughout the event. They stimulate the interest and curiosity of students, help develop their critical thinking, and create opportunities for personal development and self-expression.

To ensure a smooth process of developing educational sessions, Track Leaders commit to receiving weekly education for a period of approx. 2 months before the YES. This will happen through an e-learning platform. Throughout this period you will work alongside your Head of Track, who will guide you and help whenever needed.

We want to emphasize innovation and interactivity of the educational content at the YES. The goal is to move away from Tracks loaded with theory or facilitator’s input, and to offer a new exciting way to look at the YES theme. The motto for this year’s YES is: quality over quantity. The Tracks will have one session per day, each building on the previous day(s), and exploring the theme through a different lens. The educational activities will finish with a common activity for all students.

Track Leaders select their preferred Tracks after the application deadline and before March 15th. The Track suggestions can be seen in the call for HOTs, but please keep in mind that they do not represent the final selection.

Workload of the Track LeadersIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • have experience in facilitating educational activities for students
  • be familiar the basics of session design
  • be comfortable with facilitating sessions in English
  • have time to work with the team before the YES 2020
  • (being a member of the European Trainer Network is an advantage).

International Group Leader (IGL)


RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 1- 15 of March (depending on the confirmations coming from your organisation)

Your primary function as IGL will be that of a contact person for students, you will be the first person they come to in case they have struggles and you make sure of their well-being both during the travels as well as during the course of the YES. You will help the students prepare their return home and provide them with first nudges for processing their exchange experience.

You will be in charge of the students’ travels (and will travel with them) from your home country to the YES and from there back home. Thus, you are the bridge for students between their host and home countries. During the seminar you will work with students in sessions and reflection groups to make sure they benefit as much as possible from their time at the YES.

You and your fellow IGLs will also provide support for the rest of the team where it is needed. Be it assisting with educational sessions, providing free time activities or lending a hand in logistical tasks, your presence will contribute to a successful YES!

Workload of the IGLs

In addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • be prepared to participate in a variety of volunteer duties, in addition to working with your students
  • have the ability and willingness to take responsibility for the well-being of the students
  • have experience in leading groups
  • have the ability to ensure in a kind and friendly manner that the students follow rules and guidelines



RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 1-15 of March (depending on the confirmations coming from your organisation)

Freestylers are the engine oil in the machine that is the YES Logistics Team! We need volunteers to fly around and make sure all daily events and routines go as planned. Sounds fun? Then read on, because it might be the role for you.

Freestylers have a wide range of tasks. Some set up the decorations and prepare the premises before the students arrive. Some help dismantle the site at the end. You might be responsible for the key desk, safety and security on the premises, or night watches. And you might assist with different session attendance and cafeteria checks. You might help during the plenary sessions, free time activities, or in preparation of track sessions. You might also support in the Lounge during peak hours by tending the bar. Freestylers support the travel team on arrival and departure days. All this happens in shifts, so no one works too much.

Workload of the FreestylersIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should be:

  • responsible and reliable, able and willing to work both day and night shifts
  • able to ensure a good work-rest balance during the seminar
  • committed to working intensely (and sometimes in a stressful environment) together with a group of volunteers
  • having a first aid or lifeguard certificate is an advantage

Infodesk coordinator


RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 28 February 2020

Two fantastic volunteers will be in charge of the Info Desk, where students and volunteers come for various materials and information. Do you want to be in charge of the place where participants come to ask for help? Then read on, because this role might be the role for you!

You will work with your partner to set the Info Desk up before students’ arrival. You will take care of volunteers’ sign-in and sign-out process, check individually-arriving students in to the YES and individually-departing students out of the YES. You will also loan YES T-shirts to all volunteers for a deposit, sell pre-ordered YES T-shirts to the students, might be asked to lend out towels, exchange currency, help students and volunteers with smaller injuries (there is a first-aid kit at the Info Desk). You will also check session attendance sheets together with the Freestylers. Being well-organised is critical – you will have to keep a list of sick students to make attendance check easier, update the “crisis box” containing back-up files of all documents in case of an emergency, distribute materials to different volunteers (some will be pre-ordered, some random), and to make a list of all materials at the Info Desk at the end of the YES.

Workload of the Infodesk coordinatorIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • be resilient to stress
  • be able to remain polite and helpful when dealing with unpleasant people
  • be well organised and detail-oriented.

Lounge coordinator


RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 28 February 2020

Two great volunteers will be in charge of the YES Lounge. Do you want to be responsible for the area, where students and volunteers meet and relax during the evenings? Then read on, because this role might be the role for you!

Before students arrive, you set up and decorate the YES Lounge and the area outside of it. Most of the work is the preparation for the Lounge to be opened. You manage the order of drinks (a few months before the YES!), purchase snacks (can be ordered in advance or bought by team members traveling to the YES site from the preparatory week in Berlin), calculate demands, handle the money and keep track of the inventory and accounting (also in coordination with the EJB staff, since all our sales officially go through them). You run the bar, play music at night, and then clean up/ prepare for the next day, and dismantle the whole lounge area in the end. As your task includes selling alcohol (only beer), you have to always keep an eye on the students and use sound judgement to prevent inappropriate or dangerous situations due to excessive alcohol consumption. IGLs, Counsellors and the YES Logistics’ Coordinator are there for the students and to help you with any potentially uncomfortable situations.

Workload of the Lounge coordinatorIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • have experience in working in fast-paced environments
  • feel comfortable with managing money and keeping accountancy
  • (at least one YES Lounge Coordinator needs to have good command of German since you will need to place the drinks’ order and coordinate it with a local company).

Free time activities coordinator (FTA)


RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 28 February 2020

There is, of course, free time at the YES! Do you want to make sure that everyone’s free time is fun, full of exciting games, and the place where participants will want to hang out? Then read on, because this role might be the role for you!

Together with the other Free Time Activities’ Coordinator, you will plan all free time activities at the YES. Be creative about the type of activities you want to propose – sports, art, meditation, you name it! Your role requires coordination with other volunteers – since other volunteers will support you in leading different Free Time Activities, you will need to ensure volunteers are not double-booking themselves. You will also need to ensure that volunteers who agree to lead Free Time Activities, are really there and do not stand students up. Prior to the YES you will need to prepare a file/ document with all Free Time Activities, volunteers involved, materials needed, and time slots. At the YES, you will set up two tents, promote and lead/ find other volunteers to lead activities (games, ice-breakers, sports, matches, artistic activities, photo competition, etc.) with the aim to entertain and involve students and volunteers alike.

In addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • be willing to have fun with students and volunteers
  • be creative, inspired and proactive.

Logistics assistant



As the YES Logistics’ Assistant, you will help with the organization of the YES before and during the event. You will mostly be working with the YES Logistics’ Team Coordinator, Ieva Dirvonskaite, and the YES Project Coordinator, Andreea Madar, but your help might be needed for other teams as well. You would need to be available 1 full week before the YES, to accompany the Project Coordinator to the prep meeting in Berlin.

As the YES Logistics’ Assistant, you will be responsible for providing administrative, logistical, and management support for the YES 2020 Organising team. One of your main tasks will be the organisation and supervision of the participants’ registration process on the YES Database. You will also assist in handling logistical matters, such as travel, communication with suppliers and with EJB Werbellinsee (YES premises), as well as take care of room division/ occupancy, preparing different lists of participants, etc. You will also dig into contents, by preparing different volunteers’ and students’ manuals and other relevant YES documents. At the YES, you will be assisting the Logistics’ Team Coordinator and the Project Coordinator with different logistical tasks.

Workload of the Logistics assistantIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • have good command of German (as the event is happening in Germany you need to be able to communicate with different services in the area)
  • be able to work effectively and learn different software (learning by doing)
  • have previous YES experience (desirable) or experience in working in the organisation of larger-scale events
  • be able to work independently with minimal guidance and make reasoned decisions
  • have good time management and organisational skills (ability to keep deadlines)
  • be able to work under pressure



RESULTS PUBLISHED ON: 28 February 2020

The YES marks the end of the exchange year and the return home for all students. While it is a fun experience, at the same time students cope with conflicting feelings related to the fact that their lives are changing again. Leaving their host-family, friends and classmates to return home to one’s “old life” is not easy. Volunteers might also be in an emotional state, since balancing task-rest balance and wanting to perfect all tasks they are responsible for can pay its toll.

The YES itself can trigger special and sometimes difficult dynamics. Counselors are there to listen to the students and volunteers, talk to them, and help them deal with any issues they are facing as well as with their feelings. They keep an eye on all participants, talk to them about their challenges, and follow up until the end of the seminar. Counselors work with other team members to ensure the well-being of all the students and volunteers at the YES.

Workload of the counsellorIn addition to the general volunteer requirements at the YES, you should:

  • have background in or experience with counseling
  • be considerate and empathic
  • be able to work both in a team and individually.

Think you’ve got what it takes?