Looking for a guest speaker for the YES 2022

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After 2 years of not being able to meet up in person, we are looking forward to making this YES the most memorable one yet. This is why we ask you all to reach into the depths of your mind and see if you could help us out with finding the right person! YES 2022 takes place in Werbellinsee, Germany, from 27 until 30 June 2022. 

Guest speakers will be part of our plenary sessions, taking place in the mornings and evenings. The idea of these plenaries is to tie together the topics of the day and to empower participants to make a difference in the world. Guest speakers are an important part of this, as they will bring an expert point of view on the topics.

We are looking for guest speakers to join us at the YES. They should be:

  • Expert/knowledgeable in (social) media literacy and/or cyber security
  • Speaks fluent English OR willing to speak with the help of a translator to English
  • Someone who understands the point of view of modern youth in Social Media
  • Understands working without other compensation than reimbursement for travel costs and accommodation on-site
  • Someone who can be inspirational, trustworthy and would be a good influence on our students and volunteers
  • Someone that can be looked up to, and who upholds the values and spirit of YFU
  • Is available at some point during the YES 2022. We can be flexible with exact time and date of the presentation.
Photo of a YES guest speaker

A former guest speaker at the YES

Personal skills and attributes that we are looking for:

  • Open-minded individual
  • Someone who can easily adapt to different age groups
  • Passionate about education and comfortable leading a conversation on the topics above.

Approachable, acting as a mentor and offering support to the students;
What is in it for you:

  • You will get to attend the YES, see people in person, and have wonderful conversations with new people
  • Flights to and from Berlin (you can also stay in Berlin at your own cost prior to and/or after the event, using these flights!)
  • You will get to spread an important message to youth from all around the world.

Do you have a person in mind, or are you, perhaps this person? Please fill out our form and we will contact you soon!