Global Participants

You now have the chance to attend the biggest event in YFU and meet 500 other exchange students from all over the world.

The YES 2020 will take place from Monday, 22 June to Friday, 26 June 2020 in Werbellinsee (not far from Berlin, Germany). The campsite is beautifully situated near a lake. Every year, the YES has a specific theme linked to current issues in young people’s lives and the values of YFU.
Each participant has the opportunity to explore the theme from a different perspective, by participating in diverse Workshops. During Plenary Sessions, all the participants gather in the plenary hall and experience the YES together, with inspiring Guest Speakers. Whenever you have spare time at the YES, you will have the opportunity to join Free Time Activities (sports, painting, dancing, taking pictures, and lots more). In the evenings you’re invited to the Lounge to relax and listen to music. On the last night, where we will all gather for the awesome Party with fantastic DJs!

If your HOME COUNTRY is in Europe, you will get an invitation to attend the YES, at a later stage. JUST SAY YES!

If your HOME COUNTRY is outside Europe, you will have to apply to become a GLOBAL PARTICIPANT at the YES.

Photo of a YES volunteer

If you want to join as a Global Participant, you should be aware that:

  • Both your sending and hosting YFU organisations must agree they would like to send global participants to the YES and they have to validate your application.
  • The participation fee for a global participant is 550 euros (which includes everything! – travel, accommodation, meals, and amazing activities) or 500 euros if you are an exchange student in Germany due to proximity (also includes everything).
  • You do not need to take care of your travel arrangements; your sending and hosting organisations are in charge of this.

How to apply as a Global Participant?

  1. Ask your NATURAL and HOST FAMILY if they agree with you coming to the YES!

  2. Follow the application link below

DEADLINE for applying : 14th of February!

Apply here

After that, your application will have to be validated by both your hosting and sending YFU organisations.

As soon as your validation is complete, you will get a direct link where you will be able to pay the fee online. AND SO YOU ARE IN!

For questions, please send Andreea an email. For the newest info, follow us on: Facebook and Instagram.