Five reasons to participate at the YES 2020: Global Edition

By August 6, 2020 August 18th, 2020 No Comments

To YFU students, everywhere.

2020 is tough. Many of our favourite events have been canceled, we can’t visit our loved ones without taking a large number of precautions and there are still many uncertainties about the future. But one thing is for sure! No matter how hard COVID-19 hits us, the YFU Community will endure. We might not be able to meet in person right now, but there are still ways in which we can connect and share the immense energy of this network.

For that reason and many more, in 2020, YFU’s biggest international event, the YES! has moved into online, and aims to reunite all of us, under the #YFUspirit we all miss so much!

OMG, one more online event?! To that we say YES, and here are 5 amazing reasons why you should definitely attend this one!

Enter the YFU global community

You might know the other exchange students from your country and your awesome national team of volunteers, but did you know YFU exists in other 55 countries around the world? Exchange experiences with people from Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia and take on the vibrant energy of one of the most diverse communities in the world!

Connect with YFUers from all over the world

Have you ever felt that when you meet another YFU person, you connect immediately? No matter our backgrounds, we have all shared an unique exchange experience, and that unites us in many ways. In a world full of irrational divisions, it is so important to feel you have people that get you and can listen to your issues, and we are here to support each and everyone of our own.

See many of your friends from exchange – and make new ones

Your exchange ended suddenly, and you did not have time to say goodbye. Or maybe you just want to connect with your exchange friends again! Why not meet online, share what your life has been so far and maybe even plan how you can stay in touch!

Want to meet new people? We got that covered TOO! Our platform can pair you with a random participant and you will have two minutes to get to know each other. BLIND DATE anyone?

Learn from the YFU community

YFU volunteers from all over the world will prepare inspiring workshops, through which they will share their passion for active citizenship, intercultural learning and leadership! And all that in the classic, engaging, non-formal education way! Some examples of awesome workshops? “Music & Protest”, “How to get into ZERO Waste” or “How to act when your FRIENDS are Racist?”

It’s free

OH YES! We do not want any barriers to stand in the way of you attending this amazing event and meeting YFUers from all over the world!

Can you think of even more reasons? Share with us on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us @YFUYES! We’d love to share those with everyone! See you at the YES 2020.

With LOVE,

YES Team and the YFU Community everywhere!