The YES team is very determined to make the programme at the YES engaging, educational, and full of opportunities for you to interact and exchange ideas with your peers. Below is a sneak peek of what will happen this year.

Plenary sessions

Plenary Sessions will be held each day as a start in the morning and as a final event in the evening. During each Plenary Session, all the participants will gather in the plenary hall and will have the chance to hear an inspiring story from the YFU Community and beyond.

Workshops on YES Theme (Track Sessions)

The YES 2022 theme will be Claim Your Digital Space!, where we will be looking at the following question together:

  • How can you protect your privacy when every platform or app demands access to your personal data?
  • How do you shape informed opinions and arguments when the media is full of unverified content?
  • How can the internet be used to foster 21st century skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence?
  • How can you use your own exchange experiences to influence your immediate environment, inspire civil society and create positive change?

You will have the chance to choose between one of the 4 tracks, and dive deeper into a specific topic.

IGL sessions

IGL Sessions will take place in your National group and will be led by a YFU Volunteer from your country. Here you will be able to discuss about coming back home and hear how other YFUers have dealt with the return.

YFU spirit sessions

The YFU Spirit Sessions will focus on you getting to know the Global YFU Community and find out about the opportunities YFU offers for volunteering, self-development and Global friendships after the exchange!

YES Lounge

You can also chill out and chat with friends at the YES Lounge. In the evenings we will invite you to the YES Lounge to relax and listen to music. On the last night, we will all gather for the awesome YES Party with fantastic DJs!